Latest Fashion Trends Saree Dress

Latest Fashion Trends Saree Dress
Latest Fashion Trends Saree Dress You will also find murky and bold color arrangement have been used for all the designer innovator saree designs beautiful girls dresses, latest trends in saree blouses Draping a saree for many women in India is well known but the different appealing styles to drape a simple saree bringing a fascinating look is something all women will find interesting. Pakistani super wedding dresses collection, this latest fashion trends simple saree wallpaper look it's very nice, Natasha Couture has released its latest Party wear Salwar Kameez collection, looking for latest Pakistani desi dresses design,

Saree Dress

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Stylish Street Fashion Of The World

Stylish Street Fashion Of The World

Stylish Street Fashion Of The World Australian fashion trends Summer collection magazine

Newsflash supermodels really do eat, or at the very least , the original supermodel does, Over a lunch of broccoli soup, avocado and tomato salad and tow bread rolls - yes, this lady eats carbs - twiggy, the iconic face of the '60s, chats to us about modelling, style and why she'll never have botox, twiggy, real name lesley lawson, is 65 and lives with her husband leigh in london, here, she tells us why age ain't nothing but a number...

'There's nothing you can do about getting older, you've just got to accept it, lt's no good locking yourself away in a room and crying on your birthday! There are tow things that are always going to happen: you're going to be born and you're going to die, Worrying or moaning about getting older is pointless,

'To tell the truth, I don't feel much different to how I felt in my late 30s or early 40s, I was quite timid and easily intimidated in my teens and 20s, but I became comfortable with myself as I got older, It's very different to be in your 60s now, when I was born in 1949, my mum and her friends wouldn't have dreamt of going to work, That attitube has competely changed now, as has the idea that you need to retire at a certain age and slow down;

'Doing things you love keeps you alive and vibrant,l've always been lucky because l Started  as a model in my teens, then through meeting the wonderful director ken russell, I began my acting career at 20, ken cast meas the lead inthe boyfriend, and i went on to star in the broadway musical my one and only,I've also made albums - a couple of years ago I recorded a collection of period and '60s songs called romantically yours, Singing keeps me young! Now I'm in my 60s and a whole new world has opened up to me through designing my own online clothing collection at m&s;

'Next year, it will be 50 years since I was discovered, I don't think about what my life would be like if I hadn't been in the right place at the right time, back then I wouldn't have even dreamt of becoming a model because I didn't look like one, what I'd planned was to try and get into art school to study fashion design, which is ironic I've come full circle!'

'Fashion should be for everyone, at any age and any price range, I get letters from ladies who've grown up with me, and it's lovely because they say not only did they buy my jacket, but their 26-year-old daughter did, too, I hate when people say you can't wear something over a certain age but even I world probably draw the line at people over the age of 20 wearing hot pants,

'It makes me crazy when people say you have to cut your hair short once you hit 50, I saw a woman the other day in her late 70s with silver hair down to her waist, I thought, 'Good on you, girl'I was flattered when L'Oreal approached me for their Professionnel hair  colour campaign when they could have chosen someone younger, Daniel Galvin turned me blonde in 1966 and I've never looked back! I can't imagine not having blonde hair, and you Know what they say... blondes have more fun, Is it true? Well, that would be telling'

'I do love my food and I always have, Even though I was skinny when I was younger, I would eat and eat to try and put on weight, AsI've got older my metabolism has changed, but I've got so many friends who've done diets and I don't think they work, If I had to cut out the things I love, I'd just spend all day thinking about it, I have two squares of Green & Black's chocolate every night after dinner as a treat instead of denying myself completely,

'Skinny jeans are my passion, it's just how I feel comfortable and they're a key item in my range, It's funny that I was famous for wearing mini skirts, because I always liked the androgynous look, I got men's suits tailored to my proportions and men's brogues in my size from savile Row in the '60s, why should men have all the comfort? I don't know anyone who can wear a pair of high heels for longer than three hours and be comfortable, They're lying!"

'I haven't had any cosmetic surgery - yet, I'm not saying I never would, but at the moment, I don't feel I need to, but I am totally against botox, firstly, it's poisonous - I don't want botulism in my body thank you very much! Secandly, we don't Know the long-term effects, Doctors say it disappears in the body, but where? and I don't like what it does to people's faces!

'That iconic image of me from the '6os never goes away, because everywhere you go in the world, there's a pillow, a handbag, or a painting of that face, She's like my little friend who site on my shoulder and never goes away, but I'm not haunted by her at all, Good on her, with her skinny legs, spiky eyelashes and all, she did good!'

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